Important Information


  • You must personally appear in order for notary services to be executed.

  • Government issued picture ID is required. A government issued picture ID that is less than 3 years expired is acceptable for purposes of confirming identity. If you have no means to obtaining a government picture ID, a credible witness may appear with you for identity verification purposes only. They must have a government issued picture ID and have no interest in transaction.

  • Please DO NOT sign documents until you are in the presence of me.

  • If you will be signing documents with an (X), two impartial witnesses will need to be present and sign documents.

  • If you are unable to sign documents due to disability/limitations, you may bring a proxy with you to sign on your behalf.

  • I can notarized foreign language documents, however, the certificate of notary must be completed in English.

  • If English is not your first/traditional language, I am unable to certify unless a translator is present and document is in a language that you fully understand.

  • If you are blind, I will read document thoroughly to verify full comprehension prior to notarizing.

  • If you are hearing impaired, I am able to notarize documents as long as you are able to have written dialogue with me.

  • LASTLY, I reserve the right to refuse service if I am not fully satisfied with identification, competency, willingness or comprehension of the individual requesting notary services.